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Le cheval arabe

Le cheval arabe

(The Arabian Horse)

The history of the Arabian horse, from its origins to the present day.  Remarkably documented and beautifully illustrated.

By Philippe Barbié de Préaudeau

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Arabian horse… these two words already carry the weight of a legend and evoke images of the desert, the steppes, epic tales.  Yet, the Arabian horse is not a myth, but a real animal, with a character forged in the desert's tough living conditions, the basis of most of the world's horse breeds.  Adopted by an emerging Islam, it became the   spearhead of the Muslim conquest.  Preferred horse of the Bedouin tribes, the prophet Mohammed made it his flagship horse:  Al-Buraq.  Legend has it that during his divine revelation, he felt himself transported to Jerusalem before rising to the Seven Spheres of Heaven, mounted on a mare with the face of a woman.  The Turks spread the Arabian horse throughout Europe, while the Mongols established it in India.  In Britain, it begot the English thoroughbred while in Napoleonic France, it was the vogue of the 19th century.  The history of the Arabian horse may be over, but it's career is still very much alive and is undergoing a revival.  In the United States, it has a very special place as a family pet, as well as a riding horse used across many different events, from show jumping to racing and cross-country.

From its glorious past, it has become the horse of the future.  Its glorious history is traced through a selection of beautiful paintings, mosaics, artworks and photographs.

Beautifully written and illustrated, this book is perfectly timed.

By Philippe Barbié de Préaudeau

  • Livre de 220 pages
  • Width 24,5 cm
  • Height 31,5 cm



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