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Ce Que Je Crois chroniques 2001

Ce Que Je Crois chroniques 2001

Chronicals 2001
by Béchir Ben Yahmed

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"Along with many other historians and sociologists, I believe that a century or a millennium does not end on the day indicated by the calendar; rather, several years before or after.


Thus the Eurocentric put the beginning of the twentieth century during the war of 1914 or, perhaps, at the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its end at the fall of communism and the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1990. If these dates were selected, the century has been very short: just over seventy years.
But those who suggested these dates were not aware that there would be an 11 September 2001, the day some twenty Arabs, dissatisfied with their governments and their lives, sacrificed themselves – under orders – and flew full tilt, at the “controls” of airliners which they had taken over – into the proud Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. All-powerful America, the object of their hatred-fascination, was shaken.
Along with all the other analysts, I wrote, in the aftermath of this event, that "nothing would ever be the same again" because the superpower came out of this disaster both traumatised and radicalised.
Is this sustainable? What shifts in this development will other events bring? Nobody knows, and we are shrouded in conjecture. "

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  • Livre de 140 pages



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