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Ce Que Je Crois chroniques 2002

Ce Que Je Crois chroniques 2002

Chronicals 2002
by Béchir Ben Yahmed

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Readers of the 50-odd 2002 chronicles which we gave you to read (or re-read) in this volume will note that the author was mistaken in some of his predictions.

He is not proud of that, of course, but not too guilty either.  He knows, as everyone does, that the only way to not make mistakes is to withhold all prognostic, and any and all analysis aimed at the future.[…]
"I did not hide from my readers the fact that I disliked the politics of George W Bush, as much as those of General Ariel Sharon or Vladimir Putin.  I believe their analysis was false from the start. And that they led to the use of bad methods in order to safeguard their personal interests or the perception of their countries' interests at the expense of the rest of the world. 
Having no affinity with these politicians and condemning what they do, we tended to underestimate them, and to predict what we wished for:  their rapid failure. 
Americans call this “wishful thinking”: we reason as if our wishes could contribute to creating reality and... we get it wrong. 
If the year 2002 taught us anything, it's that these three men were, from the start – or revealed themselves to be during the exercise of power – very smart tacticians, gifted in manipulation, with the know-how to avoid the pitfalls and to not go too far."

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